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Watson Company TRUMPET VASE

I have a Watson Trumpet vase that is 16" tall, 5" dia. base and 5 5/8" dia. across the top. The bottom is stamped with STERLING, the WATSON mark and the pattern number 5084. The base has engraved on it 1890-1915. It must have been a silver anniversary present. The stem has three dents in it. I posted two pictures of them. The base is weighted so I do not know the actual weight. However the total wt. is 25.2 ounces.

Hi there mhitch and thanks for joining us. Tall American trumpet vases such as yours have been in demand the past few years. The dents detract from its value as I’m sure you know. Six months ago I’d venture the value at $150-200 but with the price of silver having gone through the roof in the past few months, I’m not sure. The best measure of value would be to check the “completed auctions” on Ebay for sterling ‘trumpet vases’ and see what is actually being paid vs. what people are asking. Since your vase is fairly plain, the value of other similar American trumpet vases would be a reasonable guide.

If it were mine, I’d take it to a silversmith and have the dents removed - a fairly simple procedure - and watch the Ebay market before offering it for sale.


Uncle Vic