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Wedgwood Ring Identification

This is the ring in question;

Below are a few more pictures.


I have yet to establish a date of the ring or what exactly the ‘60EC’ means, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the most confusing part. Now from this inscription I have worked out that FAW stands for F.A Welch who was a Jeweller from Liverpool. And that he did indeed produce Cameo Rings for Wedgwood.

Using this forums marks guide I have guessed that the first symbol must be the Lion Passant, which marks it as English.

The second symbol I cannot work out, it looks somewhat like a smudged love heart except with a pointed edge at the top centre of it. This led me to think it may be the crowned leopard but I can’t really be sure.

And the third symbol is a J which I’m told by this forum should dictate the year of the testing. But again i’ve not been able to confirm that.

So far all I know is that this ring was made by the F. A. Welch company in Liverpool and that it most likely was tested in England and that it is Sterling Silver.

I would love to know more about this ring and any help would be brilliant.

All the best,

Liam McDonald

I read the hallmark as Chester 1959. As you have already discovered, FAW is F A Welch (although my reference spells it Welsh) of LIverpool. F A Welsh registered several marks at the Chester Assay Office with the one on your ring being registered in April 1957.

I think that, for the meaning of 60EC, you are going to have to find a Wedgwood forum.