Weighted Sterling

What does the term “WEIGHTED” mean along with the term “STERLING” on a piece of silverware? We have some sterling candlestick holders. Does this mean that there is another non-precious metal inside the hollow cavity of the sterling silver item in order to make it more stable or to feel heavier?

I’ve never actually seen silverware stamped with the word ‘weighted’. However, I’m sure it means exactly what you have guessed; that the sticks are sterling silver, but the weight you feel is not all silver.

I’m not sure what they would be weighted with. With old silver, candlesticks are either ‘filled’ or ‘cast’.

The majority are filled. This means that they are made out of sheet metal and then filled most of the way with pitch. The last part is filled with plaster of paris to give a smooth base. The base is then covered in baize.

The others are cast. This means exactly what its says! They are made by pouring liquid silver into a mould and all the weight you feel is actually silver.

However the marks on your piece suggest that it is quite modern. I’m not sure whether sticks today are made in the same ways as the old ones. For instance, pitch is a fairly unpleasant material to work with and may have been replaced with something more easily managed.

I hope that helps.