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Weird Hallmarks?

Hey there. This spoon has the classic Chester marks and the date stamp of a cursive B (1902) I think. However there is a bold print F right next to it. The F appears to have been stamped over another mark. A duty mark? The maker is SBL (Samuel Boyce Landeck). But what is weird is that there are other marks on the piece. What looks like a genie lamp over 3 vertical Xs in a shield and above that is a rampant lion with 5 dots (a crown) next to it? There is also another faint mark on side that looks like a cursive X or N. The British marks have been stamped partially over it. Any idea on where this piece is from and how old it actually is will be VERY appreciative. [/img]

Samuel Boyce Landeck was a well-known importer, not a maker, of silver and the F indicates just that - the spoon was imported. The other marks on the spoon are the original maker’s marks, probably originating in Hanau, Germany. It was probably made around 1902 especially for export.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help!