West and son silverware pre 1905. College street Dublin

I have a beautiful silverware set with bone(?) handles. lits if engraving on silver and handles.
I am having difficulty with attaching photos. Any input on value would be appreciated. Silver marks are a lion a crown and what looks like a single lit candle. Others I cannot read.

I hope that my post “How to add a picture to your post” might help you.

Thanks for the help. It keeps telling me to post 500x500 pixels but I cannot determine pixels on my phone Advice?

My advice (only because I don’t know anything about phones) is to use a digital camera and a computer with image editing software. I assume you should be able to find (if you don’t already have one) an image editing “app” which will show the picture size.

Photos included on this post

More photos


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.06.13 AM.png

Thanks for persevering with the pictures. The hallmark shows that your fish knives were made by Martin, Hall & Co, a Sheffield-based company, and assayed in Sheffield in 1901. West & Son were the retailers. Unfortunately there is not much demand for fish eating implements these days and your set consists of knives only without forks. A set of 10 (5 knives and 5 forks) from a similar era sold recently on Ebay for just over £100. I would guess that 6 knives would go for £50-£80. Please note that this is a personal opinion.

Thanks for the help with the Hallmarks! The set is 10 knives and 10 forks. I am surprised at the estimate but I have no reference. Great to get an idea. Thanks again

Sorry, my counting is not what it should be - I should have noticed that there are more than 6 knives. 10 of each and boxed is definitely better than just 6 knives. The Ebay auction I mentioned was number 391283916703. Search for that and you’ll see that they are a bit later and not boxed so I think it’s reasonable to at least double the amount they fetched. My revised guess then is £200-£250.