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What a big bowl

Friends, I’ve got a sterling silver spoon here and after reading up some, I still don’t rightly know what to call it. The pic shows the size and shape relative to a Parker ballpoint pen. The spoon is 16,2 cm long, and the bowl is 6,0 cm across. The maker’s mark WHS tells me it was made by Walter Henry Searl. The leopard head indicates London as the assaying office, and the date letter is in the style of 1902. For what use could this spoon have been designed for? Please advise. I apologize for the poor definition of the second pic; my cellphone is likely acting up!
Regards. Jan.

I think it could be a tea caddy spoon going by bowl size and shortness of handle which would need to fit inside the caddy with lid closed.

An interesting suggestion, but it’s probably too big for a caddy spoon - unless the pen is extremely small! A spoonful of tea using this spoon would make a really strong pot of tea.

The bowl is too big for a preserve spoon so it may just be a small fruit spoon and was probably one of a pair.


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Solwara, thank you for your helpful suggestion, and that you went to the trouble of helping me think this through. I had been toying with the idea of a caddy spoon, but I could not get over the fact that the bowl size is problematic. Phil has set me straight by his advice that the purpose was rather to serve fruit with. So I went on a search and I’ve come to the belief that this spoon is to serve strawberries with! I think you’ll both agree.
BTW, I see the firm of WHS (William H Searle) has announced its closure in 2021.

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