what are these and how old are they?

I have two cute little silver pieces one is a jug with a flat bottom and pretty adecorated handle. The other is a two handled pot in the same design. They both have walker and hall and a flag with the number 53540A underneath, on the bottom. Can anyone tell me anything about them?

All I can say is that they are both electroplated as they do not have a silver hallmark. It is impossible to date electroplated items accurately although Walker and Hall often used their own proprietary date coding system, but it doesn’t appear that these have date codes. It sounds as if you have a creamer and sugar bowl from a tea service. There should be a matching teapot somewhere.

:smiley: thanks! Do you know what the number means? I don’t have the tea pot. Would it be easy o find? I haven’t found anything that looks like these on the internet?