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What are these markings

Hi All, can anyone help me with this please, from the research i’ve done so far im pretty sure that the Lion & the Anchor mean its british & from birmiingham, The PI Ltd & the D im not so sure about, i think the D is the date mark but cant find out what date !
Please help !!!

Hi there,
All I can help with is the date it’s 1978. No help with the maker. Someone else may be of more help. Hope this helps.

Thanks silvertt
So now i know its 1978, british & had the mark of the birmingham assay office, all i need to know now is where the PLLTDor PILTD comes from,
Can anyone help ???

Cheers in advance


It looks like PI Ltd to me, but I don’t have a record of who PI Ltd is. If you are not British you may not realise that Ltd is short for Limited or Limited Company - similar to Inc in the USA.

Hi silvermakersmarks

Thanks for your help, I am british, im in sunny south wales !!! i cant find anything out about this company at all, i’ve been searching all day for them !! i only really want to know what this is worth, its weight is about 2.5 oz / 7 g


Scrap value of 2.5oz of sterling is currently about £28. Scrap value is probably the best indication as there is no particular artistic or utility value in a pendant ingot.

had it been a year earlier and included the silver jubilee mark of Elizabeth II it would increase in value.

I have the exact same bar. I found it in a second hand shop about two hours ago. It was hard to tell if it was silver (without my trusty magnet) and I was thinking maybe it might have been stainless steel. I couldn`t see .925 on it so when I got home I got out my silver polish cloth and it cleaned up wonderfully (leaving black tarnish on the cloth). I gave it a slight nick with a file in an inconspicuous place and I am 100 percent sure that it is silver. At $1.00 AU , I am very lucky and thanks for your forum - I found your forum after looking for information about the ingot. LOVE MY SILVER