What can you tell me about this pocketknife?

I found this while going through my deceased father’s belongings. Opened it measures 8 1/2" from tip of knife blade to tip of button hook. Closed 3 1/2" long/ Front and back are hallmarked as is the hanger and the ring. At the base of the large blade, one side is marked Drew & Sons and the other side Piccadilly Circus. Hallmarks on one side are, crown, lion passant, letter “F”, Letters WM&S. On the other side, Lion Passant, Letter F, Letters WM&S. I cannot read the marks on the hanger and the ring as they are too small. I am assuming it was made later 1800-early 1900’s.

As you will see, the condition is not that great. More of a sentimental value, but I would be interested in what it would be worth in today’s market.


Trying again to add photo. If if it doesn’t show up can someone please help. Thanks!

Since I can’t seem to get the photos, I will describe it. It is 3/1/2" long when closed. When opened, there ia one large and one small knife blade, a button hook, a corkscrew, a long pointed implement and s short, about 1 1/4 long very sharp pointed triangular shaped implement.

Here is the direct link to the photo.

img.photobucket.com/albums/v706/ … knife1.jpg

Hi I would value it at between £20 - £40

cheers Richard

Assayed at Sheffield 1898/99, maker William Morton & Sons.