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What can you tell me about this?


[size=100][size=18]My neighbor has a number of silver items he is trying to identify, date and value.
They are all from the International Silver Company. So far, I haven’t been able to find much info on-line. Anyone know some good sites to go to? Or can you tell anything from the pictures?[/size][/size]


Jamie99 - welcome to silver-collector. The International Silver Co. was formed in 1898 by about twenty New England silversmiths and is based in Meriden, CT. The compnay mass produced both sterling and silverplated flatware and holloware and is still active today.

Your neighbor’s bowl is silver plated and probably came from a tea or coffee set in International’s popular “Georgian Court” pattern. There is a complete 5-piece tea/coffee service on eBay in that pattern for $115.00. I would estimate your item was made post-1950 and has a value of less than $20.

The absence of the words “sterling”, “sterling silver” or “925/1000 FINE” on American silver are almost always an indicator that the item is silver plate. Likewise the words “silver soldered” are another sure indiction that the item is silver plate.

Best wishes,

Uncle Vic Roy


Thanks for the info. I will let him know what you said.



You are most welcome. As a follow up, the bowl is a waste bowl from a tea/coffee set as I found it (International, Georgian Court, #705) on the web site. This company, based in North Carolina, probably has the most comprehensive listing of American silver, silver plate, and patterns anywhere.

Merry Christmas to all.

Uncle Vic