What candelabra have I got?

Hi. I have a candelabra which may be Victorian. I think the design is very common, I’ve seen pretty much the same thing on the main auction site. But, there is no maker’s name. And I don’t think the plating is silver. Does not have that smell. Can anyone please identify this candelabra? And why no makers name? It weighs 1.358 Kg. And what is it worth? Stands about 25 Cm high.Thanks.

It’s like this:

www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281242879900?ssPageN … 1423.l2649

But I’m pretty sure mine is not silver.

Aaah. Could it be sterling silver plated?

Electroplate is the most likely answer.

To my mind there is one manufacturer for both candelabras. One product is marked “Made in England” and “Silver Plated”. The other, mine, is not marked and could be electro-plated. That seem reasonable?

Mine weighs in at 1.34 Kg, the ebay one at 1.48 Kg apparently.

Reasonable, but not conclusive. The pattern seems to be a fairly classic one which crops up again and again so has probably been produced by more than one manufacturer, although I see that the decoration on the foot looks pretty much identical on both examples which supports the same (anonymous) manufacturer.

This item is electroplate. Sure, but is there any test that shows what kind of electroplate? Similar marked items are marked “Silver Plated”. Could it be EPNS? But if it was EPNS would it have that silver smell? My candelabra has zero smell and seemingly next to zero oxidization… So maybe just nickel plated?

Electroplating works by deposition from solution of a very thin layer of pure silver onto an electrically conducting substrate. For EPNS the substrate is nickel silver, a pewter-like alloy. Copper is another common substrate metal. I guess it would be possible to tell the difference by calculating the density but the only sure way would be to scrape off the silver to see what is underneath - not a good idea!