What do I have here?

I bought two of these boxed sets at a thrift store today. They have lots of hallmarks and I was hoping they might be silver. J.A. Henckels Solingen Zwillingswerk. Any ideas? Thanks!

Some more pictures of the marks


It’s Austrian electroplate. The 90 is the number of grams of silver used to plate a set number of pieces, probably 12 spoons plus 12 forks. Search “Krupp Berndorf” for more information online.


Thanks Phil. The only reason I thought they might be silver is that I rubbed them hard three times on a test plate, hopefully to get down below any plating. They still tested very strongly for silver. Guess they are very heavily plated! Thanks so much for your help!

One more question…what do the 4 dots in the square mark signify? Thanks!

Sorry, I have no idea …

That’s o.k…thanks anyway.