What is Alaska Silver

I have some Alaska Siver forks and knives. All they say is Alaska Silver cCc on them. Are they sterling silver or what? Are they worth anything?

I have not come across the term “Alaska Silver” before, but there was a vogue for naming proprietary alloys with some form of exotic name such as Nevada Silver, Argentina Silver, etc. If your knives and forks don’t say “sterling” or have some other indication of fineness we have to assume that they are one of these base alloys or, at best, electroplated. As such they have little or no commercial value.

Googled “Alaska Silver” and SMM’s hunch is correct - it is a non-silver white metal and was sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co. in the USA as a “wonder metal” for tableware in the early 1900s. It contains no silver.


Uncle Vic