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What is the correct term and use for this 'knife'?

I would imagine this to be a form of butter knife but cannot seem to find an exact replica of this. Could someone please tell me the details as asked in the topic line?

Much appreciated

It seems this is a fish knife of sorts, confirmation anyone?

There seems to be a very fine line between butter knife and fish knife. I would guess that if you have a set of them they would be fish knives but if only one, then a butter knife. The other potential difference is that I would expect most fish knives to have flat blades and that those with curved blades, like this one, would be butter knives as the curve gives a “curl” to the butter which prevents it sticking. As I say though, it’s a fine line…

Thanks mate. I’m going to go lean towards the butter side as there are only 2 of them and both are from different years in the 1800’s.
Much appreciated for the information supplied.