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What is this spoon I've found?

Hello all. This is my first post and looking forward to (hopefully) an answer.

A few weeks ago in a place called Newport Pagnell UK me and some work friends were digging up an old garden to make way for a new driveway. I just happened to glance down and saw this spoon (as shown). At first I thought the handle had been bent by being in the ground, yet when I place it on a flat surface the bowl sits perfectly level so now I am not sure. There are hallmarks on the spoon yet they are very worn so I cannot see them properly. Any advice would be great so I look forward to your help. Thankyou

Sorry about the bad quality picture.

It looks like a salt spoon and it should not be bent like that. If you do an image search on Google for “fiddle pattern salt spoon” you will see what it should look like. It’s worth giving the spoon a bit of a polish. If it’s silver it should come up well and if it isn’t then it isn’t worth anything and you won’t have done any harm. Alternatively of course you might just want to leave it as is and let it illustrate the story of how you found it.

Well thankyou for your reply. I have googled what you said and yes you are correct. Thankyou so much once again :slight_smile: