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What is this thing?

can anyone tell me what this is? and what its for? it has a makers mark that I can not find, a crown, under the crown it says spain and under that in the box (shield?) it says WA in fancy script. least I think its a W… can anyone at least tell me what its for? the cup on the top spins.

Anyone?? how about a guess? guess the hallmark too?

Some sort of bell? I’m clueless on the marks.

Uncle Vic

Dang! and here I was all excited that there was a reply and maybe someone knew what it was!! :cry: Thank you for at least looking, its driving me nuts. I cant find the mark and it looks kind of like a bell with no clapper, and then I thought candle snuffer but the little cup spins and keeps itself open side up. seems to be weighted to maintain its upright position. its pretty thin and very tarnished. maybe I will clean it and someone will recognize it in all its shiny mystery!

WA seems to stand for William Adams and is a trademark of the US company Towle. illustrates an identical mark in the silverplate section but with ITALY instead of SPAIN with the comment “Trademark of Towle from c.1980 often seen on foreign made goods”. As to what it is, my first thought was some sort of stirrup cup - could the large bell shape be used to drink from?

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!! Thank You for the info!! I will go look that up and see if maybe I can find somewhere what it was intended to be. I dont think its a cup, as there would be no way to set it down, I cant see trying to drink from the little cup so…its still a mystery lol! thanks again for the hallmark info!

The point about a stirrup cup is that you can’t set it down; you just have to drink until it’s empty - traditionally served to the riders before a fox hunt. I was wondering if the inside was smooth and suitable for containing potable liquid. Of course it may not have been intended for practical use.

oh! :blush: shows you what I know! I have never heard of a stirrup cup, it would hold a drink, although the riim is thin and sharp, and I still cant figure out the smaller spinning cup on top? and if you did use it as a cup, the heart would be upside down. would that matter?

Towle acquired the trademark around 1978 when it took over the Leonard Silver Mfg. Company.

have you asked what it is?
And have noone replied?
If I missed something please forgive me.

It is a wedding cup. Small one for the vife - large cup for the bridegom. When you turn it upside down the small cup has opening up - so has the big one. You can fill both and then you drink.

Also the heart - love, wedding

nobody has been able to figure it out, you are the first. Thank You! I will go research that some and see what I come up with!

your welcome. I soppose that it requers cooperation to drink - cooperation = symbol that you now are one person.