What is this three sided ball for

Does any one know what this item is used for? It opens into 3 compartments with a a latched cover. Its marked sterling and what looks like “JWL” I’m not sure if that is whats there. I feel its American made. But what is it called and what was it to hold? its about 10 inches in diameter.
tri sm closed.jpg
tri open sm.jpg
tri mark sm.jpg

Hi there, and thanks for joining us here on silver-collector.com. I can’t find anything like the mark in my American sources. Plus, can’t even guess what its for. The word “sterling” tells us a few things, first, its not English or Continential…beyond that, a lot of central and south American silver is marked “sterling” as is some far east as well. Can you give us some history of the item as a place to start?

Uncle Vic

Hi, sorry i’ve been so busy the last few weeks, I haven’t had a chance to answer anyone.

The item itself is a three way folding biscuit box, for cookies or biscuits etc. Three ways are relatively hard to find in old silver, you tend to see a lot more two way folders, and the majority were produced in plate. I believe new ones are made in places like India and Singapore nowadays.

I don’t recognise the marks either sorry. I will have a look through some marks books and see if I find anything for you.

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Looks like a “Pomander” to me

Pomanders were never made this large as they tended to be worn on a chain round the neck.