What is this??

Markings are Tiffany & Co Eng’sterling 925-1000 16 550 Broadway, NY that is on the bottom of this mug/cup. Please Help also wanting to know how much it might be worth?? :smiley: Thanks!

Hi Nadine and thanks for joining us. Your mug probably dates from pre-1870 when Tiffany used the “550 Broadway” mark and the “Eng” for “English Sterling” prior to the term “Sterling Silver” coming into common use. The “925/1000” denotes the purity, or 92.5% silver which is “sterling silver”. The other numbers are the pattern and order numbers. You can research these in Charles and Mary Grace Carpenter’s excellent treatise, “Tiffany Silver”. A close up, clear photo of the marks will allow us to pinpoint the date further as the shape and placement of the components of the marks are important.

Check the completed items on eBay and also find the iten on www.replacements.com to get a value range.


Uncle Vic