What kind of spoon is this

In the seventy’s I bought two spoons in a car boot sail
I live in Holland and I just don’t now if the spoons are silver of plated and from witch year
I think they are from Walker&Hall
And the last questions are they worth anything
lepel achterkant.jpg
lepel voorkant.jpg
lepel merken.jpg

They are called “berry spoons” and are used for serving fruit. These are silver plate and although the Q may indicate the year we do not have any references for W&H dating (unless someone out there knows different).

That is the date letter for 1884.


Can you let us know your reference source for W&H dates please. It would be really useful.

I used to work for W & H and I am just compiling a small reference work, which will include the date letter codes. I will publish the details on the forum when (or if) I get if finished.