What´s it worth?

I have gotten this beatiful fish server set and fish set (12 forks and 12 knives) after a relative who has passed away. The server set is made by William Briggs & Co., Sheffield and the set of 12 by Mappin Brothers, but I don`t know anything about the black monogram on the handles. Does anybody know if I can sell this in the UK? And how much is it worth? No one here in Copenhagen seem to know.[/img][/list]

The mark is the mappin brothers plate mark used between 1848 and 1863. It looks like the picture is of the fish knife, and so all the knives and forks are plated. Is it the same mark on the servers??

If so, all items are silver plate and of little value. Depending on the condition of the plate and the handles (are they cracked?) the set is worth from £0 - £150.



Hi Jonathan!

Okey, thanks… and yes, handles are OK…
the fish server set has another mark…I think it´s William Briggs—see the attached photo of marks of the server set


I’m afraid that a quick search has not shed any further light on whose maker’s mark that is. I can say that the ep stands for electroplate and as such the piece is silverplate.