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What sort of spoon is this?


Please can someone tell me what this type of spoon is used for?

I think the Hallmarks are for
Henry & Henry John Lias
London 1875?

HLHL spoon_with_spiral_handle Hallmark.jpg
HLHL spoon_with_spiral_handle Hallmark2.jpg
HLHL Spoon.jpg

This is a sugar sifter spoon - like the other one you asked about, but because of the smaller size of the holes probably not as practical. You have identified the maker and date correctly.

Thankyou for responces on both spoons.

The other one actually has ‘city hotel’ inscribed on the other side … I feel like the reciever of stolen property :0 lol My uncle actually gave me a small box of very black silver bits n pieces which I have polished up a bit… It is actually turned out to be quite a fun learning process finding out about it all :smiley:

I would also like to know what this one is worth? or do I need to post it on the other forum again for that?


Victorian sifter spoons seem to be selling on the well-known auction site for £25-£50.