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What to do? to restore? or to leave?

Hi, I recently found a lovely phillip ashberry and sons plated (not certain if it was supposed to be brass plated, or silver) spoon warmer, aside of the hallmark of the name, and the number 4371, there are no marks, it was very beat up, and whilst the dings have been pushed out, I now have to make a decision as to weather to have it replated. the existing plate is in extremely bad condition. I believe that at some point someone tried to clean it, and the plate is peeling. (a lot) I picked this up for a couple of dollars, and it does look cute in my silver /china cupboard, however as it stands now, I could not use it (and I like to use my stuff) yes, I know it’s not likely to get a lot of use, unless I win the lotto, and can afford a butler, but I can dream (or repurpose as a spoon colder… so my whipped cream stays a little colder… lol

I also have to consider its value, although I do not believe it has much monetary value, I have never seen another spoon warmer in the flesh

thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Since you’re planning to keep and use it, perhaps that’s an indication that you should go ahead and have it replated. It’s definitely an interesting piece. Once you have it done, it’ll probably be good for a lifetime of your own use, or longer, particularly if you get it done very well.

It’s a very unusual design. If you’re contemplating having it replated or just curious as to the cost, contact the person who does my plating:

Roger Jette, Jr.
38 Vine St.
Franklin, MA 02038


Regarding repurposing, I have listed various options here: