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What's my teapot?

Hi, I have a grubby old teapot that I am trying to find out more about. I’ve spent several hours reading up on hallmarks on this forum and am still none the wiser. The hall marks seem to be so worn I can’t be sure which way up they go!! What I think is the makers mark is HW or could be MH and the date mark looks like an M in a old style font. What I’d like to know is if it’s silver or plate and how old is it. Thanks for helping a newbie.

Hello -

This looks like English silverplate. EPBM stands for ElectroPlated Base Metal. I am not familiar with the maker HW, the only place I found it listed the maker was “unidentified.” I bet someone else here will have a better answer for you though!



Many thanks for solving the mystery of the E P B M hallmark. I feel a right idiot for not working that one out for myself!