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White metal Jug& Plate?

I have no idea what metal these items are made from. How do I determine the metal they are made from? They are not magnetic, not rusted, they tarnish and the construction of the jug is by soldering in 3 pieces. There are square inserts in bone (I think) some coloured peach, some cream. The plate is 30cm in diameter and 1.5cm deep. The jug is 21cm to the top of the handle, they both weigh approx 600g.

I like them very much but would like to know what they are made from and what style they are in, as I doubt they are silver?

I think this site is amazing. Although I don’t collect silver I do like to look at it.


Jug & Plate.JPG

A friend who is a retired mechanical engineer had a look at these items and thinks they are made from aluminium! Clearly I am on the wrong site now but does anyone know where I can find a site or information about aluminium products. I have looked at a few sites but the only plates I could find were from a company in America called Kensington and they were plain. I bought these items in France some time ago.

Any pointers would be really appreciated.