Whiting Co. or black starr & frost? Anyone can help...?

Hi, I have a sterling ladle that has marks as follow: 9, Whiting Co.,( hallmark) STERLING, BLACK STARR & FROST - it seems to me that’s something is wrong, …too much hallmarks?, different makers …any ideas? …and what year it was made?

Any help much appreciated.
ladle 1.jpg

…first mark is 9 and next looks like…

Hi there Tom and thanks for joining us. The items were made by the Whiting Manufacturing Company of Providence, Rhode Island and retailed by Black, Starr & Frost. Whiting used date symbols from 1905 until 1924 but yours do not seem to carry any of those marks. Does the Black, Starr & Frost have an “Inc” or “Ltd” follwing it? If not, it dates from 1876 to 1929; if “Ltd”, its post-1962.

The various permeations of Black, Starr & Frost had outlets in New Orleans, Savannah, and New York. It was not unusual for the retailer to apply its mark to silver goods.


Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic, that makes sense to me.