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Who made these? Hallmark is questionable...

I cant for the life of me, find out ANYTHING on these things!!

I would love to find out: where and when they came from. Who made them. And of course, how much they are worth!

Take a look at the pictures and help me out if ya can… i will even give you a token of appreciation if it helps. BUT only if they are worth thousands or more because anything less I would have to keep them as they belonged to my grandfather… Yet I am broke and if they can save my life then I will sell them.

The tops are seemingly hand wrought as they are covered in different images and you can see the ‘ting’ marks.
Very interesting

The hallmark is a windmill, sided by the initials J and F. all of which is surrounded by a border.

I have been trying to look info up on them for over a year now… i could really use the help!




I think they are only silver plated copper… not for sure though.

i was told it might be friedman silver company… they were started in 1900 or 1908 and bought out in the 60s. used J F and same boarder but i have yet to see a windmill or hand carvings

any clues?

Hello Anthony -

These do look to be made by the Friedman Silver Co. They worked out of Brooklyn, NY and were incorporated in 1908. According to Rainwater they specialized in pastoral Dutch designs, which your candlesticks clearly reflect. They are not sterling silver, they are either silverplate or pewter (Friedman made both) . They look like pewter to me but it’s hard to tell from a picture. The company was bought by Gorham in 1960.