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Whose mark is this please? M M C with a crown over C

Hi, I can’t figure this mark out. It looks like a M M C with a crown over the C. The M’s are different in font. Someone said it was M M & CO, but I can’t find anything out about them and I can’t find anything about their hallmarks. The mark is on the bottom of a teapot, sugar & creamer. I imagine it is silver plate, but I don’t really know. It says nothing else other than the MMC. Thanks ahead of time for your help. I should mention that each letter is in its own shield. The picture is dark and hard to see. I found this picture online from another forum. I promise to post my own picture soon.

Try re-posting your picture of the mark, worth a thousand words as they say…


Uncle Vic

Hi and thanks for taking time to view my post and to write back. i must be doing something wrong. As you can see below, my picture isn’t showing up only my file name. Sorry, I will work with it a little more but I don’t think I have much hope. I thought I new how to upload an image, but this has proved me wrong.

No worry, just send me the pix of the marks direct, and I’ll see what we can do to identify the silver.


Uncle Vic

The problem with uploading images has been fixed. Please try to repost the image.

Regards // Jonathan


I just acquired a tray with the same mark and was also hoping to find out who the maker is.

I’ve found a photo of the mark on the website where it is identified as an unknown American mark.

I wasn’t able to grab the picture and post it in this response, but it is the fourth mark in the center column of the following link:

I hope this picture makes it easier to identify!

thanks for the help,

Hello! I see there haven’t been any replies to this thread in almost two years, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up haha. However, I too have acquired an object with these markings. I haven’t been able to find much about them other than it being “unidentified.”

I have a much clearer picture than the ones I’ve been able to find. Here it is:

This is the object I have (I’m not sure exactly what it’s called):

I found this mark on a silver tray I’m trying to identify! Does anyone know what the mark is?

This mark has recently been identified on another forum as that of Meneses Orfebres of Madrid, Spain.