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Wilcox Silver Company Teapot stamped 117

I found an ornate silver plated teapot/coffe pot in my parents attic when they moved. Its it has an ornate design around it and on the bottom it says Wilcox Silver plate company with a hammer marking and the number 117 stamped on it. It also has a monogram of TJW on one side. This was not my parents but may have been one of their oder family members or the previous owners from when we moved in over 25 years ago Is this worth anything?

Hi there whymelt and thanks for joining us. The pot was made by the Wilcox Silver Plate Co. of Meriden, Connecticut and, as the name implies, is silver plated and therefore of little or no commercial value. Wilcox was one of the original companies that merged to form the International Silver Co. in 1898 and its various marks were used by International well into the mid-20th century.


Uncle Vic