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William Hair Haseler Hallmark

I am a complete novice who has with his limited ability exhausted available information available on the internet regarding the hallmark attached. I am assuming it is in fact William Hair Haseler because of the WHH. Any help would be greatly apprecited.
Hallmark (800x371)_2.jpg

The 4 letters on each side of the shield are EPBM which stand for electroplated Britannia metal. Britannia metal is a base white metal alloy often used in electroplating.

The “S” in the bottom half of the shield probably stands for Sheffield. Electroplaters often put the first letter of their town on their mark; thus “S” for Sheffield, “G” for Glasgow, etc. This is not a hard and fast rule but does often tend to happen.

So I don’t think WHH is William Hair Haseler as he was in Birmingham. That said, I don’t know who it is. Unfortunately there are a lot of undocumented electroplaters and I guess this must be one of them.

Most interesting, many thanks.