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William Hutton and Sons ?????? Teapot

I was wondering if anyone could possibly assist in identifying this teapot of ours. It is quite tarnished at the moment, and as far as I can establish the Hallmarks are
The Letters EH + a Crest with a lion inside , A crest with an animals face (Difficult to identify) and the letter S in a crest.
There are hallmarks on the lid, side of the Teapot and on the handle(difficult to Identify)
It aslo seems to have some sort of Ivory or bone inlaid in 2 parts of the handle.

I am just trying to identify the origin and get an approximate value if I decided to put on auction

Many Thanks


It sounds as if you probably have, as you thought, a William Hutton & Sons teapot with an assay date of 1893. However, before we can say for sure we must see a picture of the hallmark. If you want a value you must also post pictures of your teapot and give dimensions. I am not prepared to give a value myself, but one of my fellow posters may well do so.

Many thanks for the Reply.
I am having problems uploading the photos of the Teapot and Hallmarks, I cannot find the details to contact the Administrator or moderator on the site.

I keep getting the following : Sorry, but the maximum filesize for all Attachments is reached. Please contact the Board Administrator if you have questions.

Apologies for using this forum to query this if there is another way to do this.


Try uploading your pictures to a photo hosting site such as photobucket (I use www and include links to the pictures in your post by using the form of the link.

The hallmark is for Edward Hutton of the Hutton family. His full name was James Eadward Hutton and he was my great grandfather. He started off in the business in London where the firm had a showroom at 13 Thavies Inn, Holborn. When his young wife died, he moved to Sheffield and immersed himself in the family business before marrying again to the lady who became my g/grandmother.
His brother Robert also had his own mark ‘RH’

Many thanks for the reply, Any Ideas at what we are looking at if I was to sell the Teapot. I know it is difficult to assess, pretty much looking for an approximate.



Brad, my earlier reply to you still stands: pictures, sizes and weights are essential. The problem with including pictures in posts has been overcome so you should be able add pictures.

Incidentally, if that is the teapot which you are using as your signature picture, then it is not a teapot - it’s a coffee pot.

Micky, its great to hear from a descendant of such a well-known silversmithing family. Welcome to the forum.