William Hutton & Sons Christening Mug, 1910

I have a christening mug, and from my research, i think it is made by William Hutton and Sons, Sheffield, 1910. Please could someone confirm this and if possible give a rough estimate of how much it would be worth?
Also, on the bottom of the mug, there are 8 interlocking arrows that I think mean creswick & co. and the numbers 133.19 does anyone know what the numbers mean?

Many Thanks x

You have read the hallmark & maker’s mark correctly.

The crossed arrows, although originally the trade mark of Creswick & Co, passed to Huttons when, in 1902, they acquired Charles Favell & Co. Favells had succeeded Creswick & Co in 1887 when the then owner of Creswicks, Charles Favell, renamed the company.

13319 is almost certainly just the pattern number.

Hi silvermakersmarks,
thanks for your reply