William Hutton & Sons Cigarette Case 1930

I wonder if somebody can help me… I am looking for an approximate valuation and confirmation that I have read the Silver mark correctly… and any other history relating to this Cigarette Case that you can tell me.
I recently bought this Silver Cigarette Case 1930 and the seller couldn’t give me any history at all, not even the maker! She said that she doesn’t do Hallmarks as her eyesight isn’t as good as it should be… I didn’t mind as it was cheap and trying to read any distinguishing markings is all part of the fun… I don’t have any scales at the moment so I don’t know its weight, but its quite heavy its approximately 3.5 oz in weight. The size 8cm x 6cm its in amazing condition the photos don’t do it justice. The Date letter “F” I believe dates it to 1930 but somewhere I read that William Hutton & Sons only traded until 1928 ?
I have tried trawling through the internet to find something comparable to no avail…
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Top View:

Bottom View:

The Hallmark:

Your reading of the hallmark is correct - Birmingham 1930. You may have got the 1928 date from my web site where I note that I have seen Hutton’s mark for Birmingham from 1896 to 1928. The important point is that the site only shows dates which I have seen; I can now change the range to 1896 to 1930.

Judging from the end prices of recent eBay auctions I estimate that your cigarette case may be worth approximately £60-£90.

Thank you for your speedy response… That’s great news! The valuation of £60-£90 is what I thought, and thought you might say really. I had hoped it would be worth slightly more, but then doesn’t everyone. I paid £55 for it from one of the many Lewes Antiques Stores. I have some other Silver Cigarette Case’s which I have paid approximately £40. I am not a dealer of Silver in any form I just like nice objects. I’m glad that your valuation backs up that I didn’t pay over the odds for the Cigarette Case. I would have gladly paid a little more for it though. As it is I think I got a bargain.

I think nicely displayed in a high end Jewellers it could easily fetch £300-£375 or am I an optimist?