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Wm Rogers- Identifying 2 Spoons


Help! I have 2 spoons that I’ve been trying to identify as to use, age, etc.

The larger one I believe is a sugar spoon and is marked “Rogers 1881”.

The smaller one is unusual and it may be a grapefruit spoon - but I don’t really know. It has an unusual Rogers marker with what I think is an eagle “WM Rogers” then a star (I think) with an arrow beneath the whole mark.

ANY information you could provide will be sincerely appreciated! :question: :question: :question:
Large Spoon Resized.jpg
Large Spoon Back Resized.jpg
244 resized.jpg


Hello Judi,

If you can, please take another picture of the whole spoon, the larger one… When identifying flatware, it is important to see the whole design… Also, please take a picture of each spoon, so we can see the actual hallmarks on the back… It is most helpful to have as much visual information as you can provide…




Thank you SO much for the reply!

I’ve attached photos (the best I could get with an older camera) as requested!

I’ll post a second reply with the other photos, since the max. is 3 per reply on this site!


Here’s the full photo of the small spooon!



You are correct on the bigger spoon is a sugar spoon… It is the Ardsley/Empress pattern made by Oneida.

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued. Actual: 1908 -
Pattern Number: 1908
Description: Silverplate, Nickel, 1908, 1881 Rogers … ogers.html

Third pattern on the left… I am still working on the smaller one…




Thank you SO much for the information on the sugar spoon! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to research these spoons!




You are welcome. You can check Replacements, Ltd and see if they show your pattern… Start with the Silver tab and follow your nose…



Great tip to find the pattern, Lori!

Aside from the pattern, I’m very curious as to the purpose of the smaller spoon! I’ve not been able to find anything like it on the Web!

Thanks again!



Your smaller spoon is an individual pap/fruit spoon… It is the San Diego pattern designed by William Rogers…

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued. Actual: 1889 -
Pattern: San Diego (Silverplate, 1889) by International Silver
Pattern Number: 1889
Description: Silverplate, 1889 Ridges & Beads


:smiley: Thank you again SO MUCH Lori for all of the great information!

So glad that I finally know what I have!

HAVE to ask (since I’m currently unemployed) - do you have any idea of the value of these spoons? In any case, IF I want to sell them, do you have any recommendation as to where I should do so - so they would go to a collector who would appreciate them?

Lori, you are an GREAT source of information and I’d recommend you to ANYONE who wants information! Thank you again!



You are so welcome. I just enjoy researching “stuff” when I have the time… I got into this kind of “fun” a couple of years ago, after my mom gave me lots of her collectibles. If you can find an antique store somewhere near you, they may provide the most useful information for you…



Thank you again and again and again, Lori!

Appreciate the tip to check with a local antique shop. We have several antique shops nearby (in Quakertown PA), that we frequent = so they know us well.

I would LOVE to do what you do - if I could only make a living at it!

Best Regards,