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Wolf's head...what?

This wolf’s head is about 2" high. Hallmarked Sterling, London, 1936, Carrington & Co.
There is a single hole in the wolf’s mouth, and a screw-in plug for filling, also hallmarked. Weighs about 3.5 oz.
I’m not sure what to make of it…salt? Sugar?

Any info regarding this or items similar would be greatly appreciated…I’m not a silver person, but this item is growing on me and I have really no idea what it is, or what the value might be, if any.


I would go for salt shaker. Assuming it is for salt we can probably assume that somewhere there is a matching pepperette and maybe a mustard. Unfortunately salt and silver don’t mix very well so I don’t suggest you use it for salt.

Thank you for your prompt reply!
I guess that’s what it must be, although I don’t think it would work well considering how large the hole is. : :wink:
I’d love to see the companion pieces, is there a reference work that I might check?

I don’t know of any references you might check.

It may be that this is intended to be decorative rather than practical, so the size of the pouring hole becomes less important.

Do any of our other contributors have any thoughts on this?