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Working out a date for this cutlery set

I would appreciate some help deciphering the marks on this cutlery set.
The pattern incorporates a rose, thistle and shamrock.
It seems to be Sheffield, but I cannot work out the date or maker. Purportedly it was given as a wedding present in the late C19 to my great grandparents.

The hallmarks on the ferrule (the collar between the handle and the fork shaft) are Sheffield (the crown) sterling silver (lion passant). The oval mark appears to be the duty mark (head of Queen Victoria) but you don’t show the date mark which would allow the exact date to be given. The rest of the handle and the fork are likely to be electroplated. This particular manufacturer’s mark does not appear in any of the electroplaters’ lists which I know of.


Thankyou so much for your speedy reply Phil.

So the first mark going up the fork shaft is not the date? I thought it looked a bit like a curley “f”.

So its only the ferrule that is sterling silver?

How interesting.

Regards and thanks