British(?) silver(?) hallmarks; help, please

I believe I may have found a fake.
Odd form Fish Server(?), 7.5 inches (19cm) long.
The marks are:

T & H (in rectangle); lion passant RIGHT!? (in bulging rectangle); head of George III ? (bulging rectangle); capital G (bulging rectangle)

So, no city emblem.

Passant RIGHT!

head and letter align correctly, with city letters indicating 1779 to 1803…but only 2 in the rectangle cartouche.

I couldnt find a T (&) H in any town.

And personally, to my eye, the scuplting of the front handle seems VERY crude.

fish knife back
fish knife hallmarks
fish knife front handle

Although you could call this a fake mark we prefer the term “pseudo-mark”. These were used by silversmiths to give their products some sort of respectability with their customers and are often found on products from the early USA and Canada. I am unable to identify T&H.


Thanks Phil. I didn’t realise it read EPNS. You have good eyes! Cheers

I think you should have added your comment to this other post. If you would like to make the correction I will delete your comment and this response.

Thank you, Sir, for the correction. Excuse my base accusations.
I guess they were too close to actual British marks with the passant/bust/letter, as opposed to Gorham or George Sharp for Bailley & Co.
Hmmmm…any clue as to who used thess pseudo marks?